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Dine Together


DINE TOGETHER, to get there



DINE TOGETHER, to get there

Table: Birch wood, birch plywood, birch veneer / Stools: Black valchromat

How can an object make space (both symbolically and literally) for reflections?

A design object, a manifestation of carefully developed aesthetics, represented in a delicate design language. An artistic expression, something appealing to lay your eyes on, something to touch, to interact with and to feel with your whole body. As an exhibit or artwork to explore this table is a carrier of many things, simply by its physical existence, and yet these aspects are only one part of the whole spectra of findings and outcomes that are related to this artistic process and design investigation.

DINE TOGETHER, to get there makes space for reflections both through its physical appearance - as a beautifully made object thoroughly shaped and artistically developed, but also as a concept - through the activities it enables and produces. The talks and conversations that have been arranged at and around this table shows that this design piece or artwork (whatever you prefer) moves beyond being simply something to view and experience. It becomes a stage for inner thoughts and heavy discussions - an accumulator for knowledge production and new ways to view the world.

The story:

This idea visualizes the importance of doing things together. It brings the discourse about equal rights to the table, literally, but it can also be seen as an attempt to communicate positive aspects about staying focused or keeping balance. Or perhaps something completely different? The intertwined layers that this concept holds seek to give room for interpretation and it aims to let various kinds of stories unfold through both collective and individual reflections.

Social structures analogy:

This table can work as an analogy of society. If you take something from your side of the table you should feel the urge to give back something equally to the person siting on the opposite side. Otherwise the tabletop will start to tilt and eventually you will push the whole dinner right down in the other person’s lap. This is actually what happens within our society today. Some people tend to take more than others but they never seem to be held responsible for their actions. The problems are just pushed away, causing less privileged to take care of a mess that initially was caused by someone else.

What stories unfolds through your reflections?



Oct 2018

Oct 2018

Jun-Sep 2018  

April 2018       

March 2018

March 2018

Feb 2018         

Fredagsfika, Gathenhielmska Huset, Gothenburg
Guest: Hanna af Ekström, Topic: Norm Critical Design

MAOW Degree Show, Gothenburg Design Festival / Open Week

TRÄ ART, Kulturgatan, Bodafors

HEMMA - Stories of home, Salone del Mobile, Fuorisalone, Milano

Lunch Talk, a-venue, Gothenburg
Guest: Anton Lamme, Topic: Feminism and Masculinity

It's about Feminism, a-venue, Gothenburg

Playing by the rules?, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Älvsjö


Photographers: Sofia Florell, a-venue/Noora Lehtovuori, Fanny Lindh
Video: Philip Svensson